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We Are Here to Help You Take Your Next Step Toward God

No matter where you are on your journey, we’ve saved a seat for you. We’re not just a building or a meeting. We’re people, just like you, who gather together to learn more about who God is and how to realize our full potential through a relationship with him. We help you along your journey by providing environments for three things.


God wants to have a real, personal relationship with you. Every Sunday, we gather at both to engage in inspiring worship and challenging teaching. It’s all designed to help you encounter God and discover a relationship with him. Whether you’re brand new to faith, or you’ve followed Christ for years, our Sunday services are a place for you. 


God designed us to live in community. Church is designed to put you into relationships with people who support you, care for you and make you better. You find these relationships through Small Groups. We offer groups for every age group, from kids to grandparents. Some of our groups do activities, others study the Bible or eat together. Small Groups are your avenue to start new friendships and grow in your faith.


Service is the ultimate expression of our faith. We believe that the truest test of what we believe lies in our actions. Our response to God’s love for us is to serve other people. We are a church for the C.S.R.A., and we believe service, both within the church and outside our walls, can change our lives and the lives of those we serve.

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